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  • ■percent of the ○market share

    nce○ items were sold t●his way, with s◆ales of ov●er 3 billion yu◆an.People in t●he industry are ●confident ○about the poli〓cy's futur■e.Song Linlin●, General Mana◆ger of Beijing Br○anch of Gome ●El

    ."Mor■e than 90 percent ?/span>
    鬿f the LCD and■ Plasma T
    Vs■ in the market ■are H
    D," Ye sai◆d.In stark con
    tr●ast to the hot sale■s
  • of HD TVs, ●sales of the CRT v

    ectrical A■ppliance Company, s■aid, "During t〓he past tw●o weeks, over ◆forty perc○ent of our cus●tomers broug●ht in their old i●tems and re●ceived subsidies〓 for new one◆s. I think th■e figure will

    a●riety are on◆ the wane
    . Exp●erts predi■ct CRT
    TVs will b●e gradually ◆
    phased out.By the● end of
    2007, more ●than 300,000
  • h〓ouseholds in Shangha○i had

    i●ncrease in the ◆coming months. "In○ rural areas, ●consumption■ was also booste●d by preferential po●lices. Subsidi●es have been ●handed out for e〓lectrical applianc●es and veh〓icles.Zhang Xihao●, V

    installed d○igital cable
    TV eq◆uipment. If onl●y
    a fracti◆on of thes■e fa
    milies decide to● go HD,
    it will me◆an huge gains?/span>
  • ?for HD ma●nufacturers.The◆ g

    illager o〓f Shandong Provin●ce, said, "●Thanks to the ◆subsidy policy, w●e can save five 〓thousand yua◆n on buying a car."F〓or eight consecut●ive months this y○ear, consumption g〓rew faster in rur◆al

    rowing po●pularity of HD
    TV ■is not restricted to?/span>
    ?Shanghai. In● the first
    half of● this year, HD ?/span>
    鯰V sales across C■hina r
  • ose remarkab●ly.Besides investm

    areas than in urb〓an areas, making a 〓considerable contrib■ution to the rec〓overy of the ec○onomy.Qi Jingmei, re〓search fel■low of State■ Information Cent◆er, said, "Consu〓mption will probably◆ reach a

    en●t, another ●boost for
    the eco◆nomy has bee〓n
    the incre■ase in consumpt
    ion.◆ CCTV reporter&
    〓nbsp;takes a l●ook at m

easure○s which attr○acted consum○ers to put thei●r hands i

n th■eir pockets.○Electrical ■home appl

i○ance sales

growth ra◆te of over■ 16 percen●t this year. Th○e continuous and○ fast growth of● consumption is◆ a lasting boost f■or this year's GDP g〓rowth target of eigh●t percent. "B●ut boosting consump●tion should not ●only depend ●on preferentia○l policies.Qi J〓ingmei also said●, "The effe〓ct of these● policies is○ fal

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able to rec〓eive

is still low ■compared wit●h that of urban res■ident

a subs〓idy of


veral hundre■d yuan

  • .Statist

    s."Exp◆erts say the ultima●te way to boos〓t consumpt●ion is to increase● people's i●ncome.Encour

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    a〓ged by the rollo●ut of prefer〓ential nati■onal policies to ○promote outbound i〓nvestments,○ C

  • om the C

    hinese enterprise■s are busy ○shopping fo○r foreign mer〓gers and ac●quisitions.The ques◆tion is

●ommerce Mi〓nistry sho

whether t●his new enthusiasm■ will translate into● the kind of s○uccess stories that ■will justify the str〓ategy.According to o■ne survey ●by the China Council◆ for the P◆romotion of I◆nternational Trade ○e

arlier this ye●ar, only a third o〓f the merger■s an

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